Social Media Marketing

Social Media can enable businesses looking to further their reach to more clients. Nowadays, customers are interacting with brands through social media. And having a strong marketing plan and presence on the web is the key to tap into client interest.

TITO is able to 1. STRATEGIZE, 2. DESIGN (via graphics, photography, and video), and 3. IMPLEMENT campaigns (large and small, short and long-term) on various social media networks in order to help clients achieve marketing communication and branding goals. We are also able to research, implement and analyze returns on paid social media advertising. 

We know budgets ebb & flow, no matter what type and size the budget clients work with, we want to give businesses options and alternatives that will fit the right marketing campaign. It's as easy as that - we will work with what and how much you're willing to invest. And if you're not happy with the return on investment, we'll do our best to rectify and steer you towards success.

Let's start developing your social media plan!


I Am HLB | Video Campaign

HLB is the oldest architectural lighting design firm in the country with six offices nationwide. The I Am HLB campaign was designed and implemented to showcase the company's diverse talent and tapped into the next generation of leadership as the campaign's voice. Over twenty videos were assembled to post on the firm's website and across its multiple social media platforms.


Churro Borough | Product Photography & Social Media Imagery

Churro Borough is all about small-batch ice cream, churros, and desserts! And when it comes down to food, aside from great tasting sweets, food & beverage experiences are led by visual sensations. Photography for Churro Borough was easy - the food spoke for itself. Seen in Huffington Post and numerous blog posts from LA Weekly, Zagat, Eater LA, Thrillist, to TimeOut - the photographs were used for website, press and social media.


The Wheelhouse | Brand Strategy & Graphics

The Wheelhouse is one of few coffee & bike retail experiences in the world! The company has quite literally created the intersection of coffee, bikes, and community. Branding for The Wheelhouse happened organically. It's a company bent on an adventure lifestyle. The signature "hash" grid, which was ostensibly designed to symbolize this intersection and convergence of lifestyles, was affectionately named the "wheel-hash" during brainstorming sessions.