RJ Guillermo is...

...a native Angeleno - and went to high school in DTLA.

...a coffee & sushi addict. Guilty!

...a product of Purdue University and its Industrial Design program. 

...a designer with over 15 years trade experience.

...a self-taught photographer whose focus is on lifestyle, portraits and events.

...a marathon runner. He's ran the Chicago Marathon (3 x's), NYC Marathon, Boston Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon (twice), San Francisco Marathon...and A LOT of half marathons!

...a food lover. He would marry food if he could. Like seriously. Oh, and wine. Don't forget about that. He loves wine. Ask him to suggest a restaurant for your blind date or a brunch spot for you and your buds!

...an activist and advocate for the research and awareness of Alzheimer's Disease.

...a big champion for the human spirit, always searching for what is perfect, for harmony, peace, knowledge, truth, beauty and love.


"RJ is my 'go to' guy for all things visual. My husband and I have worked with RJ on a lifestyle shoot and an engagement shoot as well as a branding package for our new business. RJ is amazing and such a pleasure to work with. He has a true talent for understanding and identifying the essence of the people he works with and expressing it or capturing it in a visual way. His process is extremely collaborative and he creates an environment where you feel comfortable providing feedback and voicing suggestions or adjustments, but at the same time he brings such bold creativity and unique perspective to the table that you can easily give him a project and let him run with it. You will loving working with him!"

Tami C., projects: The Wheelhouse branding/graphics, engagement photos  |  Los Angeles, CA


"Working with RJ on our wedding invitations was a pure delight! We had a few discussions and I sent him a few samples of invites that I was drawn to. We discussed with him the look/feel that we wanted to portray through the invitations and he took care of the rest. My (now) husband and I were nearly brought to tears when we saw the final product, RJ captured the essence of our wedding perfectly. I received so many phone calls from guests who were beyond thrilled when they received our invitations in the mail, they kept saying, "these invites are SO you and Matt"! 

RJ is easy to work with, beyond creative, efficient and timely. I highly recommend."

Kier C., projects: wedding invitations, branded graphics, engagement photos  |  West Lafayette, IN


"In one sentence, RJ Guillermo captures the essence of the person through his lens.  He was an absolute pleasure to work with! RJ has the ability to use his friendly persona and relaxed approach to set a tone of comfort and ease that let's the individual shine in their unique way.

While we offered images of other photographer's works as inspiration, within the first 2 minutes of working with him we fully trusted him to capture our personality through film, framed by the environment and surrounding to ensure a candid and truthful image/experience."

Sylvia E., projects: wedding photography  |  Los Angeles, CA


"Not one person believed us when we told them our wedding logo was done by an artist from 7,000 miles away because it was original, personal and totally on point (and yes, we've been asked multiple times about who designed our logo)! Our collaboration was successful because RJ sincerely listened and sought to understand. His creative process was amazing -- not only was it efficient, he also made sure we were thoroughly involved, so that each step is productive and gratifying from both ends. Love, love, love!'

Ally M., projects: wedding branding  |  Manila, Philippines